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    2. Zhejiang Naten Electric Co.,Ltd


      About us

            Zhejiang naten electric co.,ltd.(NT)is a high-tech enterprises located in Liushi Town, which is Called “The Chinese Electric Appliances Centrer” , belong to Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. We specialize in the production of electric meter box, distribution box,switch box,wire terminal,installation and related accessories .Founded at the beginning to adhere to the high starting point, high-quality.




      Success comes from sharing

      • NT Series SMC FRP cable branch box manual
        2017-10-28 NT Series SMC FRP cable branch box manual…

        Zhejiang Naten Electric Co., Ltd. developed NT Series FRP cable branch box for rated frequency 50,60 Hz, rated voltage 380V (660V) of the power system, as power, lighting and power distribution equipment, power dist…

      • NT series of intelligent high protection meter box manual
        2017-10-23 NT series of intelligent high protection meter box manu…

        Zhejiang Naten electric co.,ltd. researched and developed NT series energy meter box, using new environmental-friendly PC as material. This material is featured as anti-corrosion, anti-aging as well as with high and…


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